My Philosophy

I believe that supervision should be a collaborative relationship between supervisor and supervisee that promotes a continually evolving practice which is achieved by agreed boundaries, an understanding of one another’s expectations, an appreciation of the supervisees’ development to date, and an understanding of how the supervisee wishes to continue their learning journey: all of which can be discussed and agreed in a contract. 

I feel that there should be some recognition of any perceived power dynamics within our relationship and of the wider context within which I, as supervisor, and the supervisee might practice, and how this may influence the supervision. 

I believe that supervision plays an important role in promoting and developing ethical practice: through my actions as supervisor, and my willingness to explore ethical dilemmas within the context of the supervisees’ moral stance, ethical framework, and the law.  The supervisee should feel supported in the relationship and trust that they can bring forth issues without fear of judgement thus enabling them to bring into awareness their inner-voice: providing an opportunity to reflect on their experience of connecting with someone else, explore the relationship, shed light on where emotional and life experiences cross boundaries, and challenge any barriers.

​I offer a free 30 minute meet and greet session so that we can explore what you are looking for in a supervisor and ensure that I meet your needs.

Qualifications & Training

Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice.
MSc Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice – Ongoing of final year.
First Class BSc (Hon) in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Professional Practice.
Level 5 Diploma – Systemic (Relationship) Therapy.
PG Cert Supervision in the Helping Professions (University of Salford).

Trust in Counselling & Therapies