Vikki Robinson MBACP

Trust in Counselling & Therapies

Taking that first step to trust in a relationship with a counsellor and feel able to express feelings of vulnerability, can be difficult.  However, it can feel empowering sharing your stories, and having them reflected back by the counsellor with a deeper level of understanding, empathy, and non-judgement that you may not have experienced before.

I am here to walk with you through your journey, so that together we can navigate the direction you would like your future to take, to enable you to feel in control of your voyage through life.  Each session is tailored to every individual client’s needs and preferences. 

I work with adults and children aged 11+. 

Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a talking treatment which focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and behaviour, and teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It combines cognitive therapy (examining the things you think) and behaviour therapy (examining the things you do), and is most commonly used for anxiety, depression, and addictions.  However, I have worked with clients on a wide range of issues including: Anxiety, stress, bereavement, Illness and disability, abuse, addiction, identity issues, relationship problems, and low self-esteem.

CBT is based on the idea that the way we think about situations can affect the way we feel and behave. For instance, if you interpret a situation negatively then you might experience negative emotions as a result, potentially leading you to behave in a negative or self-destructive way.

Negative thinking patterns can start as early as childhood. For instance, if you were neglected, bullied, or received little praise for things you have done well but, instead, were told that “you are naughty”, “you are useless”, “you are weak”, then over time you might come to believe these criticisms, until as an adult they become internalised and you tell yourself “I am useless” or “I am weak”, and so on.  These internal negative thoughts then might affect how you feel at work, in education, or in relationships. 

Through the use of CBT techniques, I will help you to identify and challenge any negative thinking patterns and behaviours which may be causing you difficulties, before working towards changing the way you feel about situations and future behaviour.

We can focus on what is going on in your life right now, or you may prefer to look at your past, and think about how your past experiences impact the way you see the world today.


Private practice supporting adults and young people.

A local Children’s centre with parents and carers.

Bereavement support team within a hospice.

Drug and alcohol recovery within a charitable organisation.

Children and YP with Place2Be, using play therapy within a school environment.


Counselling Concepts - Level 2

Counselling Skills - Level 3

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Level 5 Cognitive Based Therapy

Level 2 Understanding Children & YP Mental Health

Level 4 Certificate in Counselling Children (Place2Be)

Level 5 Certificate in Counselling Children (Place2Be ongoing)