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Specialty Areas

At Trust in Counselling and Therapies, we offer a number of specialist services and will endeavour, as part of your initial assessment, to ensure that you are placed with a suitable therapist that meets your needs (unless you have a specific therapist in mind).  All our counsellors are highly qualified and experienced.  Each counsellor has a core therapeutic approach but also utilises different strategies to support and encourage understanding of your particular circumstances; we recognise that not everyone is able to easily talk about, or express, their feelings and, for others, it can be difficult to know where to start.  All our counsellors are registered with an appropriate regulatory body, have individual indemnity insurance, and are DBS checked.  There are a range of appointments available including evenings and weekends.

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CBT & Integrative Therapy



ADHD & Autism Support

Support for family members of serious offenders

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