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Couples Counselling

Most relationships become strained at some time, resulting in a failure to function optimally and produce self-reinforcing,

maladaptive patterns. 

Significant changes in relationships can result from the birth of a child, changes to work or career, finance, health, retirement, a noticeable increase in arguments and poor communication, or an affair.  Counselling helps each individual to understand and acknowledge each person’s unique personality, perception, set of values, and family history and how they may adhere to a different and unexamined value system, shaping a person's nature and behaviour. 

Couples counselling aims to set the relationship back on track by looking at individual perceptions and emotions - how one looks at, feels about, and responds to situations and, when put together, how they effect the relationship.  Through collaborative exploration, open discussion, and each person taking equal responsibility for awareness of the problem as it arises, awareness of their contribution to the problem, and a willingness to make some fundamental changes in thought and feeling so the relationship can improve.

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