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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on how thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect feelings and behaviour and teaches you effective coping skills.  

It combines cognitive therapy (examining the things you think) and behaviour therapy (examining the things you do).  For example, if you interpret a situation negatively then you might experience negative emotions, potentially leading you to behave in a negative or self-destructive way.  Negative thinking patterns can start as early as childhood.  If you were told “you are useless” or “you are weak”,  you may believe these criticisms and tell yourself “I am useless” or “I am weak”, etc., which may effect the way you feel and behave at work, in education, or in relationships. 

CBT techniques will help to identify and challenge negative thinking patterns and behaviours before working towards changing the way you feel, about situations and future behaviour.  

 Thirty minute meet and greet sessions available.

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