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What to Expect from Counselling

Counselling can often feel quite daunting: taking that first step to make contact can sometimes
create its own anxiety.  Many people come to therapy not knowing where to begin, what to expect,
and whether they will be able to talk to the stranger sat in front of them.


For therapy to be successful, the Therapeutic Relationship should be Unconditional, Safe,
and Trusting.

If possible, a ‘meet and greet’ session will be offered to enable you to gain a sense of your therapist and decide whether they are someone you would feel comfortable to be open with.  Following this session, you may then agree to work with the therapist or choose or be recommended to meet with one of the other therapists available at Trust in Counselling and Therapies: your right to be autonomous is important to us. 


Once you have found the therapist you would like to work with a contract will be agreed which will
cover issues such as confidentiality, your rights under the GDPR, and fees.

We will endeavour to arrange sessions around your availability and you will not be tied in to a set
number: expect that you might attend between 6 - 12 sessions, although this can be more or less depending on your focus and what your aims are for therapy. 


Sessions last for approximately one hour, in which time you have the opportunity to explore the issues that are impacting upon your life, whilst providing a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings. You set the pace of the session, with the therapist meeting you on an emotional, experiential, and psychological level.

It is important to ensure that you get the most out of your therapeutic time; through continued open-communication between you and your therapist, you can explore the aspects of counselling that you feel are the most beneficial and those that are not, thereby tailor-making the sessions for you.

Therapy rooms are based at Inglestan on Brewery Lane, where a quiet, relaxing, and confidential space is provided for men, women, couples, children and young people to explore their individual experiences.

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