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Family Members of
Serious Offenders

Family members of serious offenders, particularly sex offenders, are a marginalised by society due to the lack of support available, as they are neither victim nor offender.

Individuals can be made to feel ashamed, guilty, or culpable for the actions of the offender. Whilst others are unable to reconcile the person they know with the offending behaviour and struggle to accept the situation they now find themselves in.  

Parents can struggle in supporting their young children and adult children can sometimes experience a fracture in their self-concept and feel confused about who they are, who to trust, as well as developing distrust in their ability to make decisions.  

What is described here, only scratches the surface of the complex emotions that can be experienced.  If you recognise yourself here, you’re feeling isolated and would like to talk, please get in touch.  

 Thirty minute meet and greet sessions available.

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