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Lauren Booth

BSc Counselling & Psychotherapy

Individual counselling

ADHD Specialist

Individual Counselling


​I truly believe every client has within themselves vast resources for development and the capacity to grow into the person they are meant to be, that may have got lost due to their life experiences. I have witnessed the incredible effects clients have experienced, following therapy, making positive changes and enjoying life again.  

I also work with a wide range of clients from all backgrounds on a variety of issues including relationship problems, general anxiety disorder, self-harm, acute anxiety and panic attacks, depression, work related stress and grief.  I work creatively using different techniques to suit each client and my priority is to build a trusting relationship with confidentiality, understanding, warmth and empathy, as I very much want the best outcome for each person I work with.

ADHD Support

I have a particular interest and specialise in supporting and empowering women with ADHD and/or High Sensitivity. 

I specialise in supporting and empowering women and girls with ADHD and neuro-diversity, along with overlapping conditions such as high sensitivity, emotional dysregulation, sensory processing and anxieties.  I understand the difficulties and challenges that can come with ADHD such as binge eating, insomnia, daydreaming, and time  blindness and  how frustrating, overwhelming, and upsetting the lack of understanding and support can be.  I am on a mission to do something about that and to help clients who feel the same.  I can help with self-regulation techniques, organisational strategies, or just be a listening and understanding ear.


First class BSC Hons degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Transactional Analysis 101 Certificate

Outdoor and Walking Therapy Workshop

Finding your Inner Guide Workshop

Counselling young people Safeguarding Training

Counselling Bereaved Clients during the Covid-19 Pandemic

ETF (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

Nurturing resilience and motivation in children with ADHD

Transforming the Challenges of Late ADHD Diagnosis
Emotional Dysregulation and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

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