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Phil Mawson-Lees

MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy

BSc Psychology

Individual counselling

Children and young people


Individual Therapy

I offer person-centred, humanistic therapy but also integrate other forms of therapy to suit your needs such as CBT, Mindfulness, Play Therapy (children), etc.  My background is working in care with children, young people, adults, and individuals with disabilities and learning disabilities. 

If your issue is uncomfortable to talk about or you have had a bad experience talking about it, be reassured all of my clients feel able to talk without judgement. If your issue is more 'niche' or you feel you can't talk to people you know, please contact me.

Children and Young People

Young people can face other/different pressures that adults don't always have to deal with.  This can include peer pressure, their online presence, online bullying, being constantly available via social media, pressure from trying to do to much, school issues, mental health issues.... plus more. This might also be in addition to other issues such as anxiety, depression, behavioural issues etc. It can feel like you are alone or different when experiencing something that might not be spoken about much, but many people have issues they don't talk about publicly.  Any young person should be able to access counselling or support when THEY need to and not because they are made to do so.  


Counselling can seem like a scary prospect to young people who haven't had it before, but please know, you will be treated as a person whatever issues you may have.  You won't be pressured into talking about things you aren't ready to yet and we will move at your own speed. Some people talk straight away and some need a few appointments to build trust, it is important to know that you can have control over that. 


Information for Parents


Tweenies - This is a time when big changes occur for this age group.  Not just physically but mentally with all the new experiences they might have.  It can be a challenging time for children and parents/guardians.  Sessions go at your child's own pace to allow them time to talk in a comfortable, safe environment.  Therapy will be age appropriate, for example play therapy might be better suited to younger children. 


I can relate to many issues that being part of this community can bring and have worked with children through to 90+ years old.  Some of these issues can be difficult to deal with alone. Affirmative therapy can help if you are having negative experiences related to LGBTQIA+ problems.  For instance, coming to terms with your sexuality or gender can be daunting, coming out to friends and family can be scary, being your true self may seem impossible, and sometimes dealing with micro-aggression can be difficult.  

Qualifications & Training

MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy

BSc Psychology (Hons)

Diploma in Health & Social Care


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