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Samantha White

Diploma in Integrative Counselling



Individual counselling

Integrative Counselling (Person Centred/CBT)

Individual Counselling

Counselling can help you move through difficult emotions, break unhelpful patterns, and reconnect with your sense of self.  You might have a specific current problem that you want help with, or perhaps you want to work on past events.  Maybe you feel unable to put a finger on what is troubling you specifically but feel a sense of unease or dissatisfaction.

You might even feel unsure whether you need counselling - maybe it feels mysterious if you've not done it before, or you consider your problem isn't 'big' enough.  From my own personal experience, I'd spent years trying to help myself and getting well-intentioned advice from friends and family but it was counselling that eventually facilitated a shift, and with the right help, I came unstuck and was able to move forward in life.  I found this powerful, and it’s why I trained to be a counsellor!

Now I'm passionate about facilitating people to help themselves by providing a safe space and friendly yet professional relationship- here you can explore without being judged, and most importantly learn to hear yourself and form your own answers, release painful emotions and learn to trust and validate your own inner world of thoughts and feelings.

I have over 20 years of working in a variety of health and social care roles so my empathic and caring way of being is rooted in real life understanding and working with people going through painful experiences.  Now I have a special interest in counselling health-related problems for individuals and people affected by someone else's wellbeing. 

Alongside my counselling training I supported callers in distress as a Samaritans Volunteer. 

Integrative Counselling

I also work with problems like anxiety and depression, and career change and work related stress. I work integratively so this can involve using methods from a range of theoretical approaches depending on client's needs and preferences.

Qualifications and Training

Diploma in Integrative Counselling - Level 4

Resolving anxiety and panic states

NHS Level 2 Training in psychological assessment and intervention

National Advanced Communication skills training

Sage and Thyme- Listening and responding to people in distress 

Safeguarding Adults and Children

Equality and Diversity

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